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Microsoft Access 2013

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Microsoft Access 2013  License  1 PC- 32/64-bit, Win English

Build and share custom apps that run on the web and help run your business or department.
Use a standardized app framework that makes navigating apps familiar and easy
Access apps are accessible on SharePoint or an on-premises server via a browser

Access provides a simple way to build SharePoint apps. Easy-to-use tools help app developers get started fast and quickly share their app, improving end-users productivity from virtually anywhere. In this release, IT can also be confident Access apps are under the control and manageability of SharePoint and SQL Azure or Server

Access 2013 features a new application model that is designed for one purpose – to simplify web development much like earlier versions of Access with Windows development. Access 2013 enables subject matter experts to quickly create an application that can be used to run their business. By using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to host the front end of the app and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as its data storage technology, Access 2013 significatly improves the manageability and scalability of Access applications. Compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 and SQL Azure significantly expand the reach of Access applications.


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