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Microsoft Office Mac Home & Business 2011

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Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 License 1 install Mac English

Performance improvements: faster, smoother, better
Reorder objects: move objects and data around, and through, your documents
Word full-screen view: let your content be front and center
Template Gallery: more themes, more templates, more customizable
Database and conversation view: consolidate and easily access your e-mail
Perform common tasks, fast
Excel: smarter, sharper ways to visualize and present your data
Photo editing: give your projects more visual impact
Outlook: see your invitations and your calendar, at a glance
PowerPoint: put on a show anywhere with broadcast slide show

Office for Mac 2011 is built to keep up with you and your work. Across the suite, applications launch faster and are ready to get to work when you are. Reorder objects enables the rearrangement of layers of graphics in Word or PowerPoint with a stunning interactive interface. And the full-screen view in Word allows you to focus on your work and lets the interface controls and the distractions of instant messages and email fade way. Make your documents as professional as the great ideas behind them. Easy-to-build visuals and graphics underscore ideas and data to make your reports and presentations pop. And you can rely on your documents looking and behaving as you designed them.


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